The Magnificent 6+1

The Tournament Of The Emperor's Favour

Noble Samurai, I hope my correspondence finds you well.

Allow me a moment of indulgence to introduce myself. I am Kitsune Harashi, Hatamoto and adviser to Ryukan lord of the Fox Clan.

My Lord and his fellow daimyo that comprise the Minor Clan alliance wish to extend to you an invitation to compete in the Tournament of the Emperor’s Favour.

The tournament is held every year at Kitsune Mori Mura, home of my clan and is a chance for the Great Clans to join with their fellow samurai in the Minor Clans in the spirit of competition and honour.

Each Minor Clan will provide a challenge over 3 days, culminating in a final test in forests surrounding Kitsune Mori Mura.

Being a samurai of such renown and virtue, it is my fervent wish that you honour my Lord Ryukan and the Minor Clan Alliance with your presence. The Tournament will begin on the 4th day of the month of Akodo. I trust this provides you ample travelling time from wherever in the Empire you may be.

Please call upon me at any time should you wish clarification on any aspect of the tournament as my lord has granted me his voice in these matters.

Fortunes bless you and I wish that Koshin the fortune of roads guide you safely to us

I remain your humble servant

Kitsune Harashi

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