Kondoru Shigetani

Badger Clan Ambassador to the Hawk Clan


Ichiro Shigetani is much changed. From his beginnings as an antisocial, somewhat terrifying bushi sent to represent the Badger at the Tournament of the Emperor’s Favour to a champion of the peasantry in Mimura and one of the heroes of the battle of Pride’s fall, Shigetani has retained the same humility and honour throughout.

He has overcome his crippling shyness and antisocial tendencies and has become a valuable ally to the Hawk Clan beloved by the people in Mimura. Forgoing his right as an ambassador he has not take a suite at the Palace of the Breaking Dawn, instead choosing to stay in the same humble residence in Mimura that he and Ton shared. He has married Konduro Yumiko although his clan would not let him join the Hawk clan fully he has been given free reign as long as he returns when summoned and he does not disgrace his clan.

Shigetani stands about 6 ft 6 and always wears some part of his armour. He carries his Ono everywhere he goes, sometimes even at the cost of his daisho.

Kondoru Shigetani

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