Isawa Kupati

Small & Argumentative


Earth 3
Stamina 3
Willpower 3

Water 3
Strength 3
Perception 3

Fire 3
Agility 3
Intelligence 3

Air 2
Reflexes 2
Awareness 2

Void 3

Honour 3.7
Glory 2.2
Status 3

Calligraphy 1
Meditation 2
Spellcraft (EM water) 5
Theology 2
Shadowlands Lore 3
Etiquette (EM sincerity) 2
Investigation 1
Defense 4
Tea Ceremony 3
Courtier 2
Medicine (EM herbalism) 3
War fans 1
Lore: Ceramics 3
Games: Sadane 1
Athletics 1
Kenjutsu 1

Isawa’s Art

Compulsion – Tea sets 2
Bad sight 4
Contrary 3
Epilepsy 4
Small 2

Benten’s Blessing 3
Personal Attendant Sushi Yo (etiquette 3) 2
Social Position 5
Voice 3

Kitsu Taiko – Roll & keep 1 extra dice for water spells & the water kami like me

Water (Affinity)
Path to inner peace (innate)
Reflective pool (innate)
Bo of water (innate)
Regrow the wound (innate)

Way of deception (innate)
By the light of the lady moon (innate)

Fires from the forge (innate)
Force of will

Katana of Fire
Aura of flame

Dishonorable Past: betrayal – Driven: Find the Traitor
Corrupted – Driven: Kill your ancestor
Prestigious Duty – Diplomat 2 point ally


Kupati was brought up to have immense pride in herself and her heritage. As an only child, she was greatly spoilt by her mother. She barely remembers her father, who spent most of the time away from home, and whom she learnt years later had commited seppuku with the permission of the Daimyo when she was 5. She doesn’t know why and no-one in her family will talk about it. Thus she was raised by her mother and her uncle. Her mother is very ambitious for her and refused many reasonable offers of marriage for her daughter when she was younger – now 20, the offers have tailed off and her guardians instead sent Kupati off to earn herself a name in Rokugan to bring home honour and status.
Kupati has an obsession with fine china & especially teasets. When meditating, she likes to have them laid out with precision and care in front of her. When young, she suffered from nervous visions that rendered her insensible for minutes, but they rarely occur these days. In addition, she has poor eyesight. She has never lived without a personal attendant – her current maid, Sushi Yo, has been with her for 6 years and is her most trusted companion.

Isawa Kupati

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