The Hounds of Justice

Prepare for consequences. Prepare for payback. Welcome to reality. Believe in The Shield.


Consisting of three ronin Rollins, Raines and Ambrose. The Otokodate (Brotherhood) Hounds of Justice have been described as bandits, lawmen and feral dogs in equal measure. They appear seemingly from nowhere, clad in their black partial armour,driven by some sort of code of justice and a bizarre sense of honour that differs from everyone else. They attack seemingly random people spouting their rhetoric about justice.

The charismatic Ambrose speaks for the group,skilled in oratory he riles the people up through their frequent messages asking people to believe in ‘the shield of justice.’

Raines is a powerhouse, the tattoo on his arms along with his size suggests some relation to the legendary Sumai wrestler Hida Roc but unlike the Champion of the people Raines lets his actions do the talking.

Rollins keeps half his hair white, perhaps alluding to Crane heritage yet his acrobatic combat style suggests Hare Clan training.

The Hounds of Justice

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