Kondoru Alpa


Water- Perception 3, Strength 3
Fire- Intelligence 3, Agility 3
Earth- Stamina 3, Willpower 3
Air- reflexes 3, awareness 3
Void- 3

Moshi shugenja
Honour: 3.9
Glory: 2
Status: 2
Health: 42 p167
Name: 1

Initiative: Reflexes plus rank (3) plus 1 dice
Calligraphy: 1
Divination: 2
Meditation: 2
Spellcraft: 3
Tea ceremony: 2
Theology (fortunes): 1
Etiquette: 2
Athletics: 4
Kenjetsu: 2
Acting: (emphasis disguise): 2
Craft (sailing): 2
Defence: 5
Art: 2
Sadane: 1
Investigation: 2
Lore(History): 1
Lore (Mantis clan): 1
Lore (tea): 1
Lore(shadow lands): 2
Lore (Maho): 1
Lore (fish): 1
Engineering: 2
Stealth: 2
Craft (farming): 3
Battle: 1
Animal handling: 1

Special technique: Eye of the storm p134

Spells: p228
Sense- notice abundance of element and kami
Commune- speak to elemental spirits
Summon- cubic foot of element
Counterspell- duh

Fire spells
Katana of fire p240 INNATE
Inferno’s tooth p241
Tail of the fire dragon p241 INNATE
Burn the mind p242 INNATE
Hungry blade p242 INNATE

Water spells-
Path to inner peace p247
Castle of water p246
(Dominion of Sui tengu) look into pool of water and see through to another part of water within 100 miles of each other

Air spells-
Tempest of air INNATE p230
Echoes of a breeze p231
call upon the wind p231
sanctuary of Ningindo (protection from elements)

Tanto (boot knife)
Kimono and sandals
School satchel
Travel pack
2 koku 6 bu
1 jewellery worth 11 koku

p90 Insight total: 198
Defence: 23 (28)

First mate of second boat
+2 dice for social rolls
+1 dice for duty rolls


Dishonourable past- ancestor had noteworthy romantic entanglement with a Crane, their intent toppled by gossip
-3 honour

Distinguished past- nemesis (prob Crane)
Deep secret- Crab clan, ancestor killed in battle in guise of Scorpion general hidden elsewhere
+5 glory
+4 honour
Disguise 1

Nice (but stolen) jewellery worth 11 gold- choose if I know

Daredevil (3): +5 to Athletics roles
Clear thinker (5): +10 TN for being lied to, opponents using feint must make 2 raises
Quick (3): Extra initiative dice
Quick healer (2): treat stamina as if 2 ranks higher for determining wound recovery
Read lips (2): perception roll TN 20/minute
Blessing of the elements: fire (4): 1xp discount on raising rings, spend void points on special benefit once per day
Chosen by the oracle of fire
Ancestor Mukami: add rank in athletics to defence at all times as long as nobody is within 10 feet of me.
Ally: Rokugani Sun priestess
Ally: Crane magistrate

Small (-3): 1 fewer dice for damage
Bad fortune (-1): freaky eye, people think bad spirits follow me
Gaijin name (-1)
Obligation (-4): favour owed to sensei RESOLVED
Bitter betrothal(-2): unwilling to be engaged RESOLVED
Ascetic (-3): no interest on amassing belongings
Sworn enemy (-2): foe to be beaten
Obligation: Forgotten sons

private reading with dragonfly shugenja about future
crane clan scroll satchel (air spells)
0XP (116xp)p212

statue of sekune
opportunity to study with storm acolytes
Jade sun orb (1 use)

Asako Gwanden- inquisitor looking for taint

Kondoru Alpa

The Magnificent 6+1 Marlene