Kondoru Hanzo

Very Angry Daimyo



Name: Kondoru Hanzo a.k.a. “Cap’n”
Clan: Mantis Family: Kondoru
School: Yoritomo Bushi School Rank/Insight = 3/177
Honour: 3.5 Status:7.5
Glory: 3 1 rank of infamy in Scorpion lands
Taint: 0.4 “You find things inappropriately funny”
(4 ranks makes you lost and an npc, gm)



Earth Ring 3
Stamina 3
Willpower 3
Water Ring 2
Strength 4
Perception 3
Fire Ring 3
Agility 3
Intelligence 3
Air Ring 3
Reflexes 3
Awareness 3
Void Ring 3
Void Points 3


Athletics 3
Battle 3
Commerce 1
Craft: Sailing 2
Deceit 3
Defense 4
Jiujitsu 3
Kenjutsu 3
Lore: Ancestors 1
Peasant Weapons (Kama) 5
Lore: Astronomy 1
Lore: Mantis
Craft Fishing 1
Lore: Law
Lore: Hawk Clan

Techniques, Kata and Kiho

Techniques: The Way of the Mantis, Voice of the Storm, Strike of the MAntis

Advantages: Large, Quick Healer, Death Trance, Great Destiny, Strength of the Earth, Crab Hands, Ally: Sun Priestess, Ally: Doji Ariko,

Disadvantages: Bad Reputation (Very Angry Pirate), Benten’s Curse (Crazy eyes!), Contrary, Haunted, Overconfident, Sworn Enemy(Lion bitch), Cursed: Magpie
Info and Description

Spoils – Killed someone in a duel ancestor +1 rank in battle 2 point sworn enemy in Lion

Drafted – During a duel ancestor scared someone walked gain Death Trance

Glorious Ancestor
Ancestor served in battle – Mythic Victory 1.5 honour 1 glory Great Destiny Inherited a parcel of land with fortress border of enemy territory small retinue of soldiers await me

Ancestor: Yoritomo Furikae, If down you can spend a void point to be on crippled with 1 point left


Weapon List

Sash of never ending Kama
1 x Rake
1 x Mantis Katana
1 x Monkey Katana
1 x Kakita Blade
1 x Blade of Secrets
1 x Machete
1 x Sai
1 x Mantis Wakizashi
1 x “Lead Pipe” for smoking

Lost Weapons
1 x Kama Stuck in tree now worshiped as a symbol from the Gods. The people of Mimura believe Hanzo to be the avatar of the God of Agriculture.

Kondoru Hanzo

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